My Journey to Nursing School

I am not one of those individuals that knew they wanted to be a nurse since they were in diapers. In fact, when deciding which career path to take, I completely ruled out nursing (mostly because of the blood factor…eww, right?). Well, I have gotten over my fear of blood, and I will be starting my second year in the nursing program this fall.

My path to nursing started in high school, when I had an interest in health and nutrition. I met with a Registered Dietitian after struggling to gain weight, and I immediately fell in love with her job. I thought being an RD would be the perfect health care career for me because I could make a positive impact on my patients’ lives and never come close to blood and guts. So that’s when I decided to pack my bags and put my pencil to the grind as a student at the University of Wisconsin – Stout. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics in 2010!


My best friend, Ashlea, and me after our graduation ceremony.

It was towards the end of my career at Stout that I had to make a decision regarding an internship. In dietetics, one must complete a 6-12 month internship prior to sitting for boards and becoming a Registered Dietitian. I had a few friends in the dietetics program that decided to go to nursing school after graduation instead of completing an internship, and I began picking their brains. It was then that I began to see the nurse’s role more clearly.

A nurse is not someone who just pushes meds. A nurse’s main purpose is to look out for the patient’s well being. As a nurse, I will be the one spending the most time with a patient, and I am in the best position to advocate for my patient’s needs. It did not take me long to realize I found my passion, my art, and my purpose.

The application process was fairly simple for me because dietetics and nursing are closely related. All of the prerequisites that my nursing school required were transferred successfully from Stout, which made me a very happy camper. Who really wants to take organic chemistry, microbiology, or anatomy and physiology over again?! Not this girl!


My clinical group from Spring 2014.

I will be entering my third semester of nursing school in the fall, and I am beyond ecstatic about the future! I would love to hear how you stumbled upon nursing (or any other career for that matter). Please share your journey in the comment section below!


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  1. Barb June 30, 2014 @ 10:59 pm

    Hi Amy,
    As I was growing up I didn’t want to be a nurse, teacher or secretary: all the traditionally female jobs, as that was back in the day when other opportunities were starting to open up for women! I had to become a mom and decide it was okay to embrace those female traits before I looked into it!

    I was a volunteer EMT when the girls were very small. I was interested in nursing but didn’t like the idea of shift work. My friend who was a Public Health Nurse told me I could work weekdays in that kind of role. Well, it took me about 16 years of being in other kinds of community nursing before I got there, and lo and behold, it IS a great fit for me! I have never regretted becoming a nurse. I appreciate the relationship a nurse can have with a patient (or client as they are usually called in community settings where I have worked), and the breadth of opportunity for nurses is such that one can find a niche which plays to one’s strengths, be they technical, relational, administrative or academic. One can choose a special segment of the population or be a generalist! So many opportunities, try one or try all!

    It is great to hear that a young woman of your caliber is excited to enter the profession. Go for it! You will do great!

    • becomingrn June 30, 2014 @ 11:08 pm

      Thanks for sharing your story, Barb! The fact that there are so many different niches for a nurse to explore is definitely a plus! I’m happy that you have found yours!

  2. maxine long July 1, 2014 @ 9:07 pm

    Such an interesting site. Nice to hear how focused you are with your profession. Super photo. You look so much like your mom. Both beautiful!!

    • becomingrn July 1, 2014 @ 9:15 pm

      Thanks for stopping by, Maxine! We get that a lot…and I think it’s quite the compliment!

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