My Learning Process

I have listed my learning process step-by-step below. This is what works for me. Take from it what you wish!

1. First, I print all of the PowerPoints or lecture outlines. I place them in my binder and divide them by the week. This really soothes my anxious soul by making me think I really have it together.


2. I read through the assigned chapters and highlight the information that I think is important or information that helps me understand a broader concept. I find that highlighting is helpful because I am basically re-reading what is most important when going back to highlight. You can’t highlight too much, right?


3. After reading the chapter(s), I flip through the PowerPoints. This gives me a good idea of what my instructor thinks is the key information. I answer the questions that my instructor poses in the PowerPoint. If there is information from the text that I find helpful to my thought process, I insert it in the PowerPoint print out on the appropriate page. I recommend that you use blue ink for notes that you take prior to class (I will explain this later…stay tuned!)

4. I record the lecture with a free app on my phone called Smart Voice Recorder. I use ES File Explorer to compress the audio files so that I can transfer them to my laptop. Once it is on your computer, you can unzip them and use them as is, but I like to use Audacity to edit out all of the breaks.

Smart Voice Recorder for Android

Smart Voice Recorder for iPhone

5. During lecture, I take notes using red ink. This is important because it allows me to quickly see what the instructor noted in class versus what I think is important from my notes on the reading (in blue). I can guarantee that what your instructor says is crucial. It will likely show up on the next exam, especially if they repeat it, shout it, or wink while saying it.


6. I re-listen to the lecture as soon as I get home (or at least the same day). This is an opportunity to write down anything I missed. Use blue ink again, or choose a third color!

7. I create a table for the topic discussed in lecture. I cannot stress enough how helpful this tool is to my learning. Try it. I know you will like it!


8. After I create a table, I use it to study for the next test! No note cards, no lecture notes, no book…I only use my tables (and some good friends, too)!

9. Time to start all over again with the material for the next lecture!

What works for you? I would like to know! Please comment below with your thoughts on learning.

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  1. snootus0722 August 17, 2014 @ 8:31 pm

    I just printed my syllabus tonight and was looking for even more detailed tips and decided to click on your blog. it’s bookmarked 🙂
    Again, I thank you for your time. It is helping me so much.

    • becomingrn August 18, 2014 @ 10:01 am

      Thank you so much for the kind words! Good luck this semester! 😀

  2. Jeanne August 24, 2014 @ 11:37 am

    Great Advise!
    I used this technique this summer during my summer course. When it came time to study for the exams/final, all of the pertinent information was in one place, one format, condensed, and easy to review. This alone took about half of the pressure off of the exams!

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